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You Have A Film Idea. Now What?

So, you want to be a film maker and you have an idea for a story. Maybe even a script. What now? Okay, a buddy has a camera. Cool. What now? According to all the hip commercials, making movies is so easy you can do it on your phone. So, what else could you need?

The most over looked, underappreciated job on the set of young filmmakers is SOUND. The fact is no matter how good your movie looks, if the audience can't hear it or understand the dialog, they will tune out, walk out or log off. And for the record a lone Boom mic does NOT do the job. Multiple booms or lapel mics are how you get the sound quality you require.

Next take a look at your script. Specifically, look at the first 2 pages. Ask yourself, "Have I given the audience a reason to keep watching?" I learned after making my first two shorts that you want an early hook to keep the viewer interested. Talk to your cinematographer/camera operator and bounce ideas for an interesting opening.

Next time we will talk about building your team.

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